Sean M. Conway

Welcome to my little piece of the internet! Within these pages i hope you find something useful.

One purpose for this site is to share some insight about how i look at things, thinking outside of the box and more importantly acting outside of the box. To say we think outside the box is wonderful but ultimately an action needs to happen to make these thoughts a reality, you can think about going to Disneyland as much as you want but if you never get in the Car, Airplane etc and go you will never get there! Same applies to making any change in your life. Take me for example, i am at the time of this writing carrying about 75-100 lbs more than i should, i have thought about losing some weight and i have done so in the past. The thing is, if i don’t change the way I eat and increase my activity level i will not lose any weight and will continue gain.

Another purpose is to share opportunities or solutions. I have always looked for opportunities to grow and learn and you will find some of that information here. I have spent most of my life in what i call “Earn to Learn” mode, what i mean is many of the jobs and businesses I have been involved in were more about learning, sort of a School of Hard Knocks. in 42 years i have never earned much more than Just Over Broke wages until recently, but managed to raise 3 kids and live a pretty good life, I have been told it seems I have experienced more than the average person, some good, some not so good but everything has been a growth experience. My mission it seems is to never live life “Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda” but experience as much as possible.

The suit and tie you see in the top left… that’s not really me at my most comfortable, click the picture for a more casual pic.

You will find information about Books i have read and found them to improve various aspects of my life and I believe others will find useful. I will generally place links for purchase of these books or other materials only for convenience, you can always find them elsewhere or locally but the main thing is if you think they sound interesting get (action) them. Also i have included links and information about opportunities i have found beneficial.

Feel free to comment or contact me by clicking here (FYI: i have no need for enlargement or viagra deals!)

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