Locks of Love

I had the opportunity to complete a 3 year long project this week, i participated in a bet with a friend of mine from North Carolina, Dave and the whole Rogers Family. i don’t remember what the bet was about but if Dave grew his hair long, his kids would complete a task. I jokingly said, “I will do it too”, they held me to it.

After about 6-8 months the “Task” was complete and Dave had cut his hair. Well i live in Vegas and he neglected to tell me that happened, so after about a year i found out. at this point i said i am going to donate my tail to the Locks of Love Program. I found out they they need it at least 10 ” long pony tail and mine was not quite there plus had a bad case of the split ends, i told the stylist to trim it and i would wait a few more months. well she trimmed it back to a short hair cut so i was back at step 1. well not being a quitter and wanting to do this i let it grow again which brings us to yesterday almost 3 years from the original bet date. it was long enough and off it came! i also found out a few months ago that my mother had made several donations over the years and never said much about it. She passed away a few years ago, so it was a nice re connection as well.

i would like to thank Fantastic Sams as they participate in the program and make it easy to donate and get the hair to Locks Of Love. and a special thanks to Frieda from the Fantastic Sams on Craig Road in North Las Vegas for putting up with me, we had a lot of fun and and made it a even more special experience.

i would encourage any of you long haired hippies reading this to do the same. when you read and hear the stories it makes for a warm fuzzy that your just cant experience any other way.

Locks of love is a great organization and i am proud to donate to make what they do possible.


Locks Of Love

Fantastic Sam’s

One of the Greatest Guy’s on Earth!

Fantastic Sam’s North Las Vegas
4935 West Craig Road
702 658-8608

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