Installing XP on a Dell Inspiron Desktop 519

I recently had to help a client with a computer upgrade, their computer crashed and it was an older Intel P4 they went online and purchased a Dell Desktop Inspiron 519 with an AMD processor thinking they could swap the hard drive and reload XP. well if you are reading this you probably know that it wont work and is not supported by
Ole’ Uncle Bill.

I found some online resources that made it possible,

Problem number one was getting rid of the BSOD!

i thought the main problem was the different HAL required for the AMD processor, that was not as big an issue as the intelppm.sys

to disable it follow these instructions, click here

the other main issue was the 519 is Sata the old P4 Clone was IDE requireing different drivers, and how to disable them if i can’t load the OS even in safe mode, fortunatly i found an answer with UBDC4win Click Here for full instructions,after making these changes i was able to get to a Desktop, but missing alot of drivers.

the last step was finding the missing drivers for XP.

a few of the drivers for Vista 32 will work,

  1. the audio driver
  2. the modem driver (Dont ask why he bought one)

i had to get the network driver from Realtek and force it to install, then it worked perfectly. by force i mean let me choose which driver to install, have disk and tell XP i know what im doing and install the Driver any how, the Realtek driver you will need is for a realtek 8169, 8168, 8101E and 8102E and can be found Here. i used the WinXP (WinServer 2003) Driver and did a manual install as XP said they were not correct.

the remaining drivers can be found by using drivers from a Inspiron Desktop 546ST found Here.

i used the AMD RS780 Video drivers and that also resolved the SM Bus Driver.

the unknown PCI device will be resolved with the Audio Drivers from the 519.

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