Custom 2000 APC Motorcycle For Sale

Custom 2000 APC Motorcycle For Sale

I have Decided to buy another touring bike and let someone new enjoy this bike!

its a 2000 APC Big Boy and is basically the same configuration as a Heritage Softail with out the floor boards
that is where the similarity ends, The Paint work was done by Airea 5150 and used in some of their advertising. (tins only) i removed the chrome dash and replaced it with a painted version (Chrome tends to be blinding!) since the

ignition was moved to the coil cover i placed a coin from the first Pirates of the Caribbean and had Airea 5150 paint the dash to match and add the skeleton forearm holding the coin. this coin was cast from an original from the movie,

More Pictures Below

the ones used in the movie were plastic or potmetal and i didnt think it would stand up, it is sterling silver and 14k gold plated. it is also back lit with orange LED’s there is also a Küryakyn voltage meter above the coin.

the stock rear fender has been replaced with a 9.5 inch version, also painted to match by Airea 5150. i was going to go to a 200MM rear tire but never did. the belt drive has been replaced by a chain (explanation later)

the engine is an S&S 113 but has had the top end redone by Hemi Design, due to a dyno mishap about 3 years ago, the air cleaner bolts entered the rear cylinder, and bent the valves. the bottom only had 15,000 miles at this time and was not damaged, but the head, piston and cylinder were scored and chipped. Hemi Design removes a lot of metal from the head so they were salvageable and the cylinders only required a .30 over boar. i replaced the complete valve train with recommended parts from Hemi Design, Zippers Redline cam and lifters all new pushrods and rocker arms, the best $3,000 performance modification i have ever seen! i have been reluctant to put it back on the dyno but the PRE modification run was 107 HP and 110 ft pounds of torque. the post modification passes the “Seat of the pants” dyno with flying colors and i would estimate an increase of 20-25 HP and at least the same in torque. if you are not familiar with Hemi Design check them out, they are very skilled, helpful and always available for technical questions.

at this time i also upgraded to a Daytona twintec programmable ignition. another great company in my opinion, mainly because of a gentleman by the name of Chris Schroeder, i received locally what turned out to be a module for a Sportster, apparently the only difference is the way the unit is grounded, so instead of waiting a week for a replacement from the supplier he told me what to do to make that unit work and it has performed flawlessly ever since. all of this i might add while he was in his truck on his way to bike week! you just don’t get service like that any more!

shortly after i purchased the bike from the original owner i replaced the 5 speed with a polished 6 speed. and added a Dakota Digital Speedometer.

the bike came with an in closed primary  belt drive, which broke no less than 3 times in 6 months so that was replaced with a BDL 3″ open primary this left the stock rear wheel belt drive as a weak link and I replaced that with a chain to eliminate any problems and allow for a 200MM tire upgrade (never done though)

the bike has approximatly 25,000 miles and 9,000 miles since the new top end/valve train modifications.

its running a stock avon gangster whitewalls

this bike is definitely all show and even more go! once and only once i made a couple pf passes (pre Hemi Design) @ the Chicago Land Dragstrip @ 105 MPH/12.125 seconds, not bad for a heavy bike with a 300 pound rider. stop light to stop light it has seldom been beaten, and even left some crotch rockets scratching their heads.

i have all of the manuals that came with the different parts and upgrades.

i hope i have not bored you with the details but she is a member of the family and needs to go to some one who will enjoy her as much as i have.

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